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Our Services

Loft Conversions

We specialise in building loft conversions of the highest quality, delivering expert services with high attention to detail and exceptional build quality. Our team of experienced professionals will work closely with you to create a space that exceeds your expectations.

Garage Conversions

F1rst Class Conversions specialises in transforming unused garage space into beautiful and functional extra areas for your home. Their experienced team of professionals can take any garage and turn it into a quality addition to your home.


Barn Conversions

We create unique and bespoke barn conversions, maintaining the character of the building while transforming it into the home of your dreams. Our dedicated and experienced team, will ensure your conversion is completed to the highest of standards.

Construction & Renovation

F1rst Class Conversions brings decades of experience in construction and renovation to the table, offering the highest quality service for all your building projects. From major build projects to smaller renovations, we make sure the job is done to your exact specifications.

Carpentry & Roofing

F1rst Class Conversions is the perfect choice for all of your roofing and carpentry needs. Our experienced technicians provide top-notch services from start to finish, ensuring your satisfaction with every job.

Our Expertise


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  • Subcontractor Management


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